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Upgrading the F5 LBaaSv2 Components

If you are upgrading from an earlier version, F5® recommends that you uninstall the current version, then install the new version.


Using pip install --upgrade to upgrade the F5 LBaaSv2 agent can impact packages that are used by other OpenStack components. We strongly urge all users to follow these instructions instead.

To upgrade, perform the following steps on every server on which the F5 agent is running.

Make a copy of the F5 agent configuration file

The existing configuration file in /etc/neutron/services/f5/ will be overwritten when you install the new package.

$ cp /etc/neutron/services/f5/f5-openstack-agent.ini ~/

Rename the F5 agent log file

Your new F5 agent will not start if it finds an existing agent log file. Either rename the existing log file, or move it to a new location.

$ mv /var/log/neutron/f5-openstack-agent.log ~/

Stop and remove the current version of the F5 agent


$ sudo service f5-oslbaasv2-agent stop
$ pip uninstall f5-openstack-agent

Red Hat/CentOS

$ sudo systemctl stop f5-openstack-agent
$ sudo systemctl disable f5-openstack-agent
$ sudo pip uninstall f5-openstack-agent

Install the new version of the F5 agent

Follow the agent installation instructions to install the new version to which you’d like to upgrade.

Restore the F5 agent configuration file

Compare the backup file with the new one created during installation to make sure only the necessary settings for your deployment are modified. Then, copy your configuration file back into /etc/neutron/services/f5.

$ cp ~/f5-openstack-agent.ini /etc/neutron/services/f5/f5-openstack-agent.ini