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Configure the F5 OpenStack Agent

Supported Features

The Agent Configuration File/etc/neutron/services/f5/f5-openstack-agent.ini – provides the mechanism for identifying your BIG-IP® device(s) to F5 LBaaSv2 and allowing the agent to discover and configure BIG-IP network (/net) and Local Traffic Manager® (/ltm) objects.

Edit the Agent Configuration File

Use your text editor of choice to edit the Agent Configuration File as appropriate for your environment.


$ sudo vi /etc/neutron/services/f5/f5-openstack-agent.ini

Start the F5 agent

Once you have configured the F5 agent as appropriate for your environment, use the command(s) appropriate for your OS to start the agent.


$ sudo systemctl enable f5-openstack-agent
$ sudo systemctl start f5-openstack-agent


$ sudo service f5-oslbaasv2-agent start

Stop the F5 agent

If you need to stop the F5 agent, run the command appropriate for your OS.


$ sudo systemctl stop f5-openstack-agent.service


$ sudo service f5-oslbaasv2-agent stop